She is one who has concentrated on what she realizes within herself: The human body. It’s personality, it’s characteristics, and ascetics are all the focus of Silvie Blum’s photographs. Her photography’s main characteristic is the ability to make simple nudity the focal point.    
    Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden spent most of his life in Taormina, Sicily. A lot of is creations show real male nudity. Even though this type of work was considered taboo in his time, his art was respected and requested around the world.This still holds to be true to this day.    
    In his youth Konrad Helbig experienced the last phase of the “Wandervogel”-period. This a was a specific German period of tourism. Where young people travelled the country side backpacking, sleeping in grass houses and bathing nude in lakes and streams. It was at this time that he discovered his interest for the young male body.    
    Robert Mapplethorpe’s pictures reflect his intense interest in crystal clear photography. His formal language minimizes his reality full of details. His vast influence reaches from classic sculptures to modern points of view. His contrasting between black and white is mysterious. His pictures are intimate but not shocking.