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    Guenter Blum, passed away in 1997, was considered one of the most well respected erotic photographers of his time. The women in his visions do not seem to be victimized but rather giants of lust, sensuality, desire and self-security.    
    She is one who has concentrated on what she realizes within herself: The human body. Itís personality, itís characteristics, and ascetics are all the focus of Silvie Blumís photographs. Her photographyís main characteristic is the ability to make simple nudity the focal point.    
    Jens Brueggemann underlines the individuality and uniqueness of his subjects. This is why he breaks the traditional female ideals like passivity, obedience and modesty. He shows modern women that are comfortable, self-secure with their body and sexuality.    
    Erotic fantasies are the focal point of Norbert Guthierís photos. His work is short to hit a nerve with the observer. It is obvious that such intimate ideas are thought provoking. Nude photography is often a close blend of art and risky fantasy.    
    Jive is a well rounded artist. For him photography is a tool to divide illusion and reality. Itís not about perfect cosmetically catalogued beauty, itís not about form linked beautyÖÖitís about more!!    
    In his work erotica is in every detail. Erotica is known as the concrete of a surreal fantasy. Uwe Kempenís photos are of cold beauty overloaded with provocation.    
    Tony Ward is the master of obsession. He rules over the chemical melting process of erotica and pornography in all its details. In doing so he plays on the keys of the observers nerves. His pictures are made for our fantasy that shifts from their Eros to decadence.