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  As of October 1st, 2004

We know how important it is to you that your personal data is handled with care. This is why 6X6.COM takes special precautions when handling submitted data.

Responsible Center

The responsible center in reference to federal data protection law is

ein Label der EDITION BRAUS im Wachter Verlag GmbH

Karl-Marx-Allee 121
10234 Berlin
0049 (0) 30 437 259 - 50
0049 (0) 30 437 259 - 51

Collection and use of personal information

The information you provide helps us to improve individual communication and interaction with you. We use this information to process requests, orders, deliveries, for service provision and payment handling. We specifically use your information to communicate with you regarding products, services and orders, to keep our customer records up to date and, using your requests to offer you customized products and/or services of particular interest to you. We also use your information to improve the content of our communication platforms and to prevent its misuse.

We collect the following information:
• Information you give us: We collect and store all information you provide to us via our website or by other means.
• Automatically collected information: As soon as you contact us, we receive and store particular data. Like several other web sites, our web site employs so-called “cookies”, which relay specific information to us when you visit our web site. Cookies help us to optimize our web site according to your needs. They contain technical information only – personal data such as email or postal address is not collected. You may deactivate the use of cookies at any time in your browser configuration. You will still be able to visit our web site when cookies are deactivated.
• Email communication: In order to configure email delivery according to your requirements, we receive confirmation when you open emails sent by 6X6.COM, in as far as your computer supports this feature. If you no longer wish to receive emails sent by us, you can use the UNSUBSCRIBE function. You can also use this feature in each email sent by us.
• Information from other sources: Occasionally, we use information from other sources and add it to your customer account.

Does 6X6.COM pass on such information to third parties?

Information about our customers is important and helps us to optimize our services. Information we receive will only be given to third parties under the following circumstances:

• Associated companies: Companies directly associated to 6X6.COMor their subsidiaries only receive such information if they are subject to this data protection statement or follow guidelines that offer protection comparable to ours.
• Partner companies: We closely cooperate with partners. In some cases, our partners provide you with services and consequently require specific data.
• Service providers: We contract other companies and persons to perform tasks for us. Examples are, among others: parcel delivery, letters or email delivery, customer data list management, database analysis, advertising, payment management (credit cards, debiting systems, and invoice purchasing) as well as customer support. These service providers have access to information needed to fulfill their tasks. Forwarding such information to other third-parties is prohibited, however. Furthermore, they are required to handle data according to this data protection statement and the applicable German data protection legislation.
• Share deals: As we continuously expand our business, both we and our associates, such as subsidiaries, purchase or sell company assets or shares. As is usual in such cases, customer information can be transferred together with other assets, as part of the transaction. The data, however, is still subject to the previously applicable data protection agreement (unless the customer explicitly agrees to other terms). In the improbable case that 6X6.COMor major parts of it is sold, personal data will be transferred as part of the transaction.
• Protection of 6X6.COMand third parties: We pass on customer data in cases when such required by law, in cases when such transfers are needed to enforce agreements or in cases when our rights, the rights of our customers or the rights of third parties need protection. This includes data exchange with companies specialized in preventing and minimizing misuse. We explicitly declare that this data is not passed on to these companies for economical reasons or reasons conflicting with this data protection statement.
• With your consent: In all other cases, we will inform you about any intention to transfer your data to third parties, providing you with the opportunity to give your consent.

In all cases of data exchange as described above or when exchanging data with countries outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), we will ensure compliance to this data protection statement and the German data protection laws.

How secure is my personal information?

We have implemented physical, electronic and procedural protection arrangements regarding collection, storage and disclosure of personal customer data. These security measures include occasional inquiries for personal identification before providing you with personal data.

Which information can I access?

You may access a broad range of information. At personal request and under provision of personal and company identity documentation, we will cater to your information needs.

Information you provide us with

You are providing us with information when you conduct a search, fill out a questionnaire or talk to our customer support. You are also providing information when you, for example, look for a product, place an order, communicate with us via telephone / email or by other means; when submitting data to open an account; when using other service offerings requiring personal information, such as the 6X6.COMnewsletter, the notification services and your 6X6.COMcommunication setting adjustments.

Automatically collected information

An example for automatically collected and stored information is your IP address, connecting your computer with the internet. Apart from confirmation of received emails, this includes information about computer type, internet connection, browser type and version, operating system/platform and your navigational history (which we merge with comparable information from other customers and display in non-identifiable form). The entire URL (Uniform Resource Locator) click stream through and out of our web site is recorded as well, meaning the page display sequence on our web site – including date, time and the content-id of the pages you searched for or displayed on your browser.

You might have questions.....

If you have questions regarding data protection at 6X6.COM, please contact us – we will do our best to alleviate your concerns. We reserve the right to occasionally inform you about changes to current provisions. However, you should regularly visit our web site and look for changes proactively. If not agreed otherwise, all information we have about you are subject to this data protection statement. We guarantee that no alterations to this statement leading to less effective data protection will be made without the prior consent of any affected customers.