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Jens Brueggemann presents in his new masterpiece his forth collection of nude photography. For the first time ever published you can find the extraordinary pictures of Silvie Blum, Cora Brinkmann and 24 other female models. From romantic to risky and from soft to thought provoking. Once again Brueggemann proves his rule over the world of nude photography. The observer is invited to go on a virtual trip of sensuality in which their single motives seem reachable. “Passion” is filled with extraordinary ideas and is more erotic, more experimental and is more modern than his previous books.
  Jens Brüggemann

Photographer: Jens Brüggemann
128 pages, 240 x 340 mm
60 images,
Paper: Glossy Offset, Printing: Offset

ISBN: 3-926318-06-6
€ 39.90 / sFr 67.00