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    Hotel Orient

The scenery is an establishment in which rooms are being rented out by the our. In the shadows of the public these role players experiment with different identities and hidden characteristics that do not respect the typical form of role behaviour. Men and women visit the “Hotel Orient” to show Silvie Blum’s camera, who is in fact the protagonist herself, their most secret desires and erotic fantasies. The Hotel is located in Vienna and invites with it’s style in private saloons of the past turning century, in which slaves of passion were used to satisfy their desires. All along they were risking scandals reaching the edge of legality. Let yourself be inspired by passionate intense visions and submerge yourself into sex and sensibility.
  Sylvie Blum

Photographer: Sylvie Blum
152 pages, 240 x 340 mm
125 images,
Paper: Glossy Offset, Printing: Offset

ISBN: 3-89904-030-9
€ 59.90 / sFr 97.00