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    Venus Selbst

A provoking, cloudy, and blurry look where colours seem to be monochrome, where the photos seem unplanned and spontaneous. Silvie Blum, Günter Blum’s widow, that allows in her first masterpiece to have a deeper look. At arms length she sets herself in the scene. Instead of the perfect photo she prefers the thrill of the moment while experimenting. The result is thought provoking, familiar, pursuing and all along artistic. The uncalculated dullness contours only in the conscious mind of the observer: A construction of fantasy. In the overload of materials there glitters the self secure theatrics of the female body throughout “me, myself and I”.
  Sylvie Blum

Photographer: Sylvie Blum
120 pages, 220 x 245 mm
85 images,
Paper: Glossy Offset, Printing: Offset

ISBN: 3-926318-68-6
€ 35.00 / sFr 60.00